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Promotional products, also known as promotional items or giveaways, are items imprinted with a company's name or logo, designed for distribution to promote a brand, event, or product. Here are various types of promotional products:

1. **Pens:**

- One of the most popular and cost-effective promotional products.

2. **Tote Bags:**

- Reusable bags with company logos, often distributed at events or as part of marketing campaigns.

3. **T-shirts:**

- Branded apparel is a common choice for promotional purposes, providing visibility when worn.

4. **Caps/Hats:**

- Headwear featuring a company logo or message.

5. **Mugs and Drinkware:**

- Coffee mugs, water bottles, and other drinkware with branded designs.

6. **Keychains:**

- Small, portable items that can be attached to keys, bags, or other personal items.

7. **USB Drives:**

- Portable storage devices with company logos, often pre-loaded with promotional content.

8. **Notebooks/Notepads:**

- Branded writing materials often used in offices or for note-taking.

9. **Calendars:**

- Desk or wall calendars featuring company branding.

10. **Stress Balls:**

- Squeeze balls or stress-relief items with company logos.

11. **Lanyards:**

- Neck straps often used to hold ID badges, with space for company branding.

12. **Tech Accessories:**

- Items like phone stands, chargers, or earbuds with branded elements.

13. **Golf Balls and Accessories:**

- Golf-related items branded with company logos.

14. **Umbrellas:**

- Large, portable umbrellas featuring company branding.

15. **Magnets:**

- Magnetic items with company logos, often used on refrigerators.

16. **Coasters:**

- Branded coasters for use at home or in offices.

17. **Sunglasses:**

- Eyewear with branded designs, often distributed at outdoor events.

18. **Travel Accessories:**

- Items like travel pillows, luggage tags, and travel-sized toiletries with company branding.

19. **Bottle Openers:**

- Tools for opening bottles with company logos.

20. **Flashlights:**

- Portable lights with company branding, useful for various situations.

21. **Blankets:**

- Cozy blankets featuring company logos, often used as gifts or giveaways.

22. **Mousepads:**

- Branded pads used with computer mice.

23. **Fitness Products:**

- Items like water bottles, fitness bands, or gym towels with company branding.

24. **Candles:**

- Scented or decorative candles with branded labels.

25. **Tool Kits:**

- Compact tool sets with company logos.

26. **Aprons:**

- Branded aprons, often used in the food and hospitality industry.

27. **Promotional Apparel:**

- Beyond T-shirts, promotional apparel includes jackets, polo shirts, and more.

28. **Phone Accessories:**

- Items like phone stands, PopSockets, or phone wallets with branded designs.

29. **Backpacks:**

- Branded backpacks used for carrying items and promoting a company.

30. **Wristbands:**

- Wearable items often used at events or for promotional purposes.

These promotional products serve as tangible reminders of a brand, and their effectiveness depends on factors such as usability, visibility, and alignment with the target audience.